・We are bridal bloom.
Bridal bloom : women's best days.
It is inner led to own highest style the bridal.
High foot feeling in which beautiful bust line is drawn.
Material selected carefully and graceful design.
And, comfortable excellent wearing at and a dry velocity.

Correction beauty, design beauty, and functional beauty.
It sticks to the all, the dress is favored, and [matotta] bride's beauty is favored from the inside.
It wants to be inner that can be able to be chosen on the day when it shines most in the lives.
Inner and it chosen as 50,000 brides or more a year are bridal bloom.

・What is the bridal inner?
Inner and it to show beautiful the wedding dress are "Inner the bridal. "
Inner the bridal (English bridalinner) means the undergarment to wear the dress beautifully in the wedding. It is a kind of the female undergarment that straightens bodyline to manufacture the line with beautiful dress by wearing it under the wedding dress. It is called, "Inner the bridal" generically recently though there is how to call the dress undergarment and the wedding undergarment, etc. , too.

・Inner feature of bridalbloom
The precondition and it in inner the bridal must be inner that straightens "Size balance of BWH". As for a beautiful ratio, the size balance of the bust waist hip is very important. The waist of inner of bridal bloom (bridal bloom) is thin in the original technology, and the bust invents natural richness by patent pending "3D fit wire". To draw out oneself in the maximum, it is originally commercialized.

・Company overview  
Company name
bloom LUXE
Address 1-18-5 Tatekawa Sumida-ku, TOKYO JAPAN
TEL (JPN) 03-5625-5221
FAX (JPN) 03-5669-5488
Activities Project, manufacturing,
business materials offer of online dissemination
selling inner product in inner various,
construction OEM businesses of product style
Business hours weekday 9:00〜18:00 (Saturaday,Sunday and Public Holiday is closed)

Toei Shinjuku Line / Toei Oedo Line Morishita Station. 5 minutes on foot.
JR Soubu Line Ryohoku Station east exit. 12 minutes on foot.

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